Professional Work


My Professional Work

Last year, I had the opportunity to start my professional career at Meaningful Works, involved in research, user interviews, concept development, UX/UI design, and prototyping for multiple projects. I have been developing a taste of visual design and practicing UX methodologies. It is the most challenging, inspiring and rewarding experience in my life so far.




Roles: Product Design, Prototyping

Client: East West Bank

Agency: Meaningful Works

Creative Direction: Eric Boisvert

Velo is a mobile banking app targeting Chinese future immigrants to America. Keeping their special needs in mind, we focus on reducing their anxiety before immigrating and getting their finance and mental preparation.

In this project, we worked with the client’s in-house development team remotely. This was the time when I learned how to communicate with a remote team efficiently and deliver design work effectively.




Roles: Web Design, Product Design, Prototyping

Website: https://www.mycred.io/

Agency: Meaningful Works

Creative Direction: Eric Boisvert

Cred is a decentralized Ethereum-based lending platform that allows users to access lines of credit while growing their crypto. 

The challenge is to introduce this new lending concept to our audience and eliminate their concerns about the blockchain or bitcoin. We want to prove that Fin-tech shouldn’t be cold and it should have a human connection with our audience.

When working on this project, I was learning the blockchain and cryptocurrency alongside. It was a great opportunity to not only practice my design skills but also learn new knowledge.



Financial Navigator

Roles: Concept Design, Prototyping

Client: Vanguard

Agency: Meaningful Works

Creative Direction: Eric Boisvert

Most millennials prefer to enjoy the moment instead of saving money for their future. How to design a digital experience to help them develop a financial planning mindset and change their financial behaviors gradually? 

We did a deep dive into our target audience’s financial behaviors and mindset, which set a foundation for us to do the concept design. The key of success is how to get the millennials, who have never think about financial planning before, started and move towards their financial goals. 

As a part of millennial group who just became financially independent, I was personally connected to this project. Thanks to this project, I started to take my financial situation more seriously.