b. 1986, HK.

Hi! I am Christine Ye. Born in a small town in China, I was a shy, creative kid who loved playing piano, painting, fashion and science. I have a previous degree in Industrial Design and started my career as a user experience designer in Beijing. Wanting to widen my scope, I came to ArtCenter in order to find new ways of addressing users needs and creating interactive experiences for multiple contexts.

My skill set relies on a variety of disciplines, including UI/ UX, user research, coding, motion graphics, as well as electronics. I love to craft the entire experience, the digital, the physical and the spatial. Through detailed research, user interviews, and analysis I am able to find insights that highlight the root problems. From there I strive to craft holistic experiences that let technology support the users. Most of all, I want my designs to allow people to feel emotionally engaged and supported.